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Episode 119 – Rise of the useless AI hotel bots

From our 19-20 July 2024 show, we encounter a bunch of AI assistance bots on the phone, have issues with food, moldy lincoln logs, disgusting things, knob turning, get scolded by the front desk, find disorder and arcades with no games. Lots of weird conversations with people from all over the country at all odd […]

Episode 118 – Getting bit by the taco shark in my hotel room

From our 12-13 July 2024 show, the motel is a minecraft world, a snickers bar is floating in the pool, we enter the Twilight Zone, Grandpa Joe is very lazy, we speak to someone’s husband. Someone is certain they already know who we are, someone is there to dig, a bad squirrel encounter, Big butts […]

Episode 117 – German engineered yogurt party

From our 05-06 July 2024 show, we find out why prank calls aren’t cool, have a bee problem, go both ways, have a royal engagement, daughter trouble, view someone via periscope, have one night with you, and Snappybakes encounters a very weird man. The woman at the front desk assumes she’s pretty, Johann asks if […]

Episode 116 – Consuming fire and fireworks for fun and profit

From our 28-29 June 2024 show, we try to get help with our fireworks problems, eat some fireworks, eat some lit matches, make folks concerned and laugh at us. We hear and see strange behavior outside, get gatekeeped from talking to the man, and have many strange conversations with people who should know better. Features […]

Episode 115 – Disgusting allegations from an intoxicated squirrel

From our 21-22 June 2024 show, we find out who the man in charge is, have a university inspection, a taste of home, try to find out what we see, find a disgusting confusing arcade, find a game hole, Johann shows us his hotdog and ketchup trick, a lady loves me TOO! Features calls by: […]

Episode 114 – Not a professional call

From our 14-15 June 2024 show, Dwight has a full litter box, DTB has a couple questions about dragonball-z, Milkman and DTB fry up some spiders, Dwight has an offer, Al Bundy says good nigh to his son, Akspa has a carpet question, BigBoyFarts666 and DTB get told to act their age, and much more […]

Episode 113 – Machines, life, and smoking hot hookahs

From our 7-8 June 2024 show, we discuss machines, life, and smoking hot hookahs that will do anything for a low low cost. This is a short but sweet show with TONS of fun calls and long meaningful conversations with people. Features calls by: Snappybakes, BigBoyFarts666, FancyPants, Turbo, Gordo, Milkman, DTB, Dwight the Janitor, Akspa. […]

Episode 112 – Renovating the hotel holes in the middle of the night

From our 31 May – 1 June 2024 show, Dwight becomes a copper thief and a handyman, DTB and BigBoyFarts666 play with pillows, Downy the Clown tries to bring his organ with him, Milkman plays every supporting role under the sun, FancyPants and DTB vacuum up the evidence, Dwight has chapped lips, Akspa and DTB […]

Episode 111 – Redeeming tickets for the throat punching competition

From our 24-25 May 2024 show, Milkman delivers milk, Miriam goes up the flagpole, there’s lots of phone line noise, Milkman’s grandson has duties to perform, there’s a taxidermied seagull, Akspa needs horse talent for a movie, HORSE, The Heatwave Man delivers accelerated molecules of heat, the sandwich that grows, good and bad attitude checks, […]

Episode 110 – A Madhouse Militia prank call show

From our 17-18 May 2024 show, we wind people up for hours, tell tall tales, install cameras, get down and dirty with the cupcake policy, try to get grandpop out of the lost and found, make anniversary plans, engage in almost unreal situations, get thanked for our concern, accused of not being real, throw him […]

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