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Episode 97 – Extinguishing the fire in our hearts

From our 16-17 February 2024 show, we continue where dragonmere and wastedmemory left off, letting our kids and family play with fire extinguishers in our room, lobby, bathroom, and out the window. We find out there are no more free breakfasts, run into a hostile hostel, get called out for being from ‘another country’, extinguish […]

Episode 95 – Immoral Tacos

From our 02-03 February 2024 show, we try to find the party smell, send our grandfather in, try to get a plunger for a wet problem, try to get the keywords, try to find the source of the smellz, hear the story of Potbelly Pete, do impromptu prostate exams in the truck stop showers, find […]

Episode 94 – Unreal situations in reality

From our 26-27 January 2024 show, Dwight drops things in the truck stop shower and makes a mess, a man gets excited about someone dressed as a clown, Dwight gets some good advice but loses his warm truck hole, so he climbs up on top and calls about a missing ladder, then gets the run […]

Episode 93 – AI hotel womb

From our 19-20 January 2024 show, where Snappy is in various states of pregnancy and hotels have wavering support in favor or against, Akspa is experiencing static discharge, Dwight shouldn’t be in the electrical room, AI gets mad at us, we learn valuable hotel lifehacks, the ice machine is churning out red ice, Calcium won’t […]

Episode 92 – Concerns grow over the warm hole

From our 12-13 January 2024 show, we get into car wrecks early on, find out if there’s a possibility of things to change, talk to many men managers, find a man that can’t handle a big girl, find angry Angie, make illegal copies of floppies, cause a tsunami, fry up some plantains, get folks concerned […]

Episode 91 – No time to talk

Lots of laughs in this compilation from our 5-6 January 2024 show, including a helpful instructional guide on how to ward off strong beasts, an irate man that has no toilet, someone that’s got no time, a lady tells us that the call is over, Dwight can smell sexuality, a complete prank, trouble with tinfoil […]

Episode 90 – Microwaving 2023’s loose ends

This show was recorded on 29-30 December 2023. A weird show taking place a day before new years eve ends up tying up a few loose ends and getting some bad advice along the way. Features calls by: BoJack, Chrispy808, Gordo, WastedMemory, DTB, Milkman, Dwight the Janitor & Akspa Individual Calls: https://www.patreon.com/file?h=94156131&i=17158634 We wish to […]

Episode 89 – Madhouse Militia Family Christmas Show 2023

This show was recorded on 24-25 December 2023. This was an epic show, with tons of crazy calls, laughter all around, and tons of NORAD calls. Features calls by: WastedMemory, dragonmere, DTB, Milkman, Chrispy808, Dwight the Janitor, BrianN, Tedwwweb, Miriam & Akspa. Individual Calls: https://www.patreon.com/file?h=94156131&i=17109181 We wish to give thanks to the following people for […]

Episode 88 – Improper conversations at the company Christmas party

This show was recorded on 22-23 December 2023. This show was rocky at the start, but quickly gained momentum in the 2nd half with some unique and fresh calls from: BoJack, Luxapol, nutella, Turbo, WastedMemory, Milkman, Dwight, Tedwwweb and Akspa. Individual Calls: https://www.patreon.com/file?h=94156131&i=17094697 We wish to give thanks to the following people for helping make […]

Episode 87 – Christmas orphan party

This episode has it all – we got a surprise visit by StrangeLife, an impromptu SuperPhoneBros show within the show, a concept for ‘room orphans’ that grows legs and becomes an international incident in the making, plenty of people yelling at us for ridiculous reasons, and plenty more otherwise bizarre conversations. Features calls by: StrangeLife, […]