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Episode 105 – Activating the clinical tone hole

From our 12-13 April 2024 show, we try to activate minerals and crystals that were charged during the recent solar eclipse, try to get toilet instructions, get force-fed various types of Mexican food, get kidnapped for towels and beers, accuse people of shaking their asses, get a number buddy, have an engagement party, get no […]

Episode 104 – Mavis Beacon teaches hotel etiquette

From our 05-06 April 2024 show, we dissolve hotel walls, bring our mini-horse in to eat, fake a double-booking, talk to trash, complain about lewd music lyrics, get concerning voicemails, involve ourselves in hotel construction, hear lots of noise on the line, sing as a barbershop quartet, and look for a big bed. Features calls […]

Episode 103 – Boiling eggs in the paranormal hotel tub

From our 29-30 March 2024 show, we try boiling easter eggs in the hotel tub, bring our horse in for dinner, encounter a heavy breather, a dummy, try to film a paranormal tv show, cross the lines, get thanked for our calls, live out an impossible story, we can chat but not bump. Features calls […]

Episode 102 – Hotel exercise in the nude

From our 22-23 March 2024 show, we try to get permission to exercise nude in our hotel room, encounter strange room vibrations, something is dripping, we’re not allowed to have loud homicides in the room, a lady has to go, you have screwed up your brain, the bathroom attendant is very rude, a man offers […]

Episode 101 – Caress my pillow

From our 15-16 March 2024 show, we try to get reservations, caress pillows, sell pillows, get our feet stuck in toilets, drone security, an encounter with the concernBot that goes awry, feet trapped in holes at the bowling alley, we’re warned not to get into a van, try to become lounge singers, Johan has toilet […]

Episode 100 – Cooking beef with warm whistles

From our 08-09 March 2024 show, features a diverse range of comedic content and collaborations. Topics include humorous discussions on various subjects such as beef instructions, emotional support harmonicas, and miscommunications. Collaborators delve into scenarios involving spiders, bathroom mishaps, and whistling. The files also explore unconventional concepts like “Pirate showers” and “Stripclub sushi.” With contributors […]

Episode 99 – Afterhours calls

From our 01-02 March 2024 show, offering a glimpse into a variety of scenarios and conversations. In “The Extinguisher,” Akspa, BigBoyFarts666, and Luxapol are likely discussing firefighting or fire safety. “Herobrine” involves Anonymongous, dragonmere, Luxapol, and possibly others, possibly discussing a gaming topic. “Susie Q” brings Anonymongous and BigBoyFarts666 together, suggesting a conversation about a […]

Episode 98 – Flame retard-ants

From our 23-24 February 2024 show, where Snappybakes does a song and a dance, gets some stewed gluten, finds out that titanium white is very flammable, we find out how to make a toilet baby, Miriam is lost in a brewery, we burn out the fire extinguisher sound effect, there’s a complete plan for everything, […]

Episode 97 – Extinguishing the fire in our hearts

From our 16-17 February 2024 show, we continue where dragonmere and wastedmemory left off, letting our kids and family play with fire extinguishers in our room, lobby, bathroom, and out the window. We find out there are no more free breakfasts, run into a hostile hostel, get called out for being from ‘another country’, extinguish […]

Episode 96 – Hot jars of poo

From our 09-10 February 2024 show, Dwight breaks the 4th wall, we try to get instructions on how to jerk the jack and the shower and the car and the man and the lady and the truck, something happens, Dwight is force-fed tacos and has a mishap with wing sauce, Luxapol needs to get rid […]

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