About Akspa

Why are you concerned? Why are you concerned?!

I was a listener starting in mid-2012, then I entered the prank call scene in 2013, collaborating with Jiad, Carlito Cross of madhouselive.com, Dwight the Janitor, RBCP of phonelosers.org, DTB, StrangeLife, Snappybakes and many other folks in the community over the years.

The idea behind the ‘immoral’ branding of my work came about because I like to try and instill morality into prank calls. “I’m moral”. The original idea was to create companies that do the absolute most immoral things, but don’t try to hide this from the public, and instead are the most brutally honest corporate entities in the world.

People don’t seem to get it most of the time, however, and just assume I’m a jerk. Come front to my face and say that, on rogueserver.com/akspa!