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  • Episode 41 – Side-Effects of Ingesting Rancid Oil

    In this episode, the power of editing removed a ton of ringing phones. We left a bunch of crazy voicemails for the unwilling roycipients we encountered, and asked a bunch of weird questions at hotels. We tried to get some special waffles made at Waffle House, and otherwise got into some tomfoolery and trouble. Overall, […]

  • Episode 26 – The Braille Phone

    This was a strange episode with lots of wacky unique calls, and an ending where our bots got harassed for days. Features calls by: TakeThePen, Dwight the Janitor, Tedwwweb, Akspa, Ruin, Darth Painus, Cat_Astroph3, Madhatter, and many others!

  • Episode 20 – A Family Affair

    In this wild episode, we talked with a lot of odd folks about purchasing items they were trying to sell. We look for better comedy material, but come up empty. Hotels put us on hold, so we reciprocated on multiple occasions, with varying results. Features calls by: TakeThePen, DTB, Cat_Astroph3, Akspa, Dwight The Janitor, Tedwwweb, […]

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