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  • Episode 40 – Get Out Of There, It Tickles

    In this energetic episode, we get into fights with random people about items they’re selling, try to get help finding rooms, talk to a dog on the phone, and otherwise cause confusion across the board. There’s some strange stuff in this episode – make sure to listen to the entire show! Special thanks to Patrons: […]

  • Episode 39 – Baby New Years’ Diaper Rash

    This was a fun episode. I don’t remember most of it. We got people reacting oddly at every turn. Features calls by: Tedwwweb, Dwight The Janitor, Gordo, MadHatter, Akspa, and the oldManXmas voicemail bot! Immoralhole.com may be blocked by corporate hotspot networks, like AT&T and Starbucks. The workaround may be to search for ‘immoralhole.com‘ or […]

  • Episode 38 – Christmas 2022

    In this Christmas-themed show, we try to get trees installed in our hotel rooms, try to buy items from unsuspecting people, and make people laugh along the way. We also got some callbacks with our bots. All in all, a fun filled episode with some weird tree situations. Features calls by: Dwight The Janitor, Tedwwweb, […]

  • Episode 37 – Getting With The Bird System

    This is a wild and weird show, with a very long call around the middle of the first hour, which made us all scratch our heads for most of the call, and then the rest of the show is non-stop weird or off-the-wall hilarity. Features calls by: Tedwwweb, ThermalHermit, Snappybakes, DTB, Cat_Astroph3, Dwight the Janitor, […]

  • Episode 36 – Give Me The Mayo Train

    This was an ‘off’ show for the host, but everyone had fun and made a lot of bizarre calls. We started off trying to negotiate prices and terms on various items for sale, then moved on to resolving issues at hotels and various other locales. Features calls by: Dwight the Janitor, DTB, Tedwwweb, Cat_Astroph3 and […]

  • Episode 35 – Occupied Walls

    In this fun episode, we encounter lots of animals in and around the hotel, cause general havoc with the locals and bite off more than we can chew. Calls by: Dwight the Janitor, DTB, Tedwwweb, ThermalHermit, Miriam, Akspa, and many others in the Dwightcord server! Recorded 02-03 December 2022. Special thanks to our newest Patreon […]

  • Episode 34 – Pranksgiving 2022

    In this episode, we did an early Friday morning show that lasted 3 hours from 4-7 am, and contained many bizarre premises that ended in some very funny calls. Features calls by: Akspa, DTB, Paenti, Tedwwweb, and Dwight The Janitor. Recorded 25 November 2022

  • Episode 33 – The Taco Man

    In this episode, we inquire about pecan pies, try to sell tacos at several hotels and motels across the nation, causing people to think there’s a taco war going on, and confuse folks along the way. Includes calls by: Dwight The Janitor, DTB, Tedwwweb, Miriam and Cat_Astroph3 This is a jam-packed fun episode with lots […]

  • Episode 32 – Does It Ring Ring?

    In this episode, we encountered a bunch of people with ringing phones, both real and imagined. We complained about taco bell meals that caused us and others distress, and got told off a bunch. A fun show was had by all that attended and participated in the live show. Features calls by: Tedwwweb, Dwight The […]

  • Episode 31 – Surfing with Ivan and Louie

    In this episode, we called people about items for sale, gyms about alarms, storesand hotels with inappropriate customer service and glory holes. Features calls by: Akspa, Dwight the Janitor, Tedwwweb, DTB and Miriam, as well as a few folks from Dwightcord.  This is a fun short episode with minimal ringing phones and a few voicemail […]