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  • Episode 27 – No Survivors

    In this episode of the TakeThePen show… We got into a lot of weird calls with people and hotels and there was a few car crashes and even our pet chicken didn’t survive.

  • Episode 26 – The Braille Phone

    This was a strange episode with lots of wacky unique calls, and an ending where our bots got harassed for days. Features calls by: TakeThePen, Dwight the Janitor, Tedwwweb, Akspa, Ruin, Darth Painus, Cat_Astroph3, Madhatter, and many others!

  • Episode 23 – Unhinged Chaotic Calls

    We called lots of folks selling stuff, and hotels. The night was a blur of chaos. Includes Miriam’s tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, as well as musical pieces written throughout the week.

  • Episode 18 – The Situation Has Changed

    In this short episode, we try to farm for laughs and get quite a bit of good reactions. While the show was a full 3 hours, the wheels fell off a bit early, and we had a lot of ringing phones that have been removed from the final edit. What’s left after editing is the…

  • Episode 17 – Please Hold

    In this wild show, we called a bunch of folks about stuff they were selling, put a bunch of people on hold and entertained them with our traveling circus, and confused the world. Features calls by TakeThePen, Tedwwweb, Akspa, Dwight the Janitor, LuLu, Ruin, DTB, and many more folks from the community. The show ends…