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  • Episode 63 – A four-course meal of beef holes and binoculars

    In this episode, we start off with a first course of lovely sister, followed up with a big banana, and frog legs. The second course begins with Dwight’s famous beef holes, Turbo’s suspiciously delicious bee circus, and Milkman’s free train ride. The third course begins with absolute pandamonium, unwanted customers, and people that don’t have…

  • Episode 55 – French Robots Drowning In Soup

    Individual Calls: https://www.patreon.com/file?h=81004531&i=13978033 In this episode, we wind up calling various businesses and hotels in Hawaii and Quebec, to hilarious results. Features calls by: DTB, Tedwwweb, Milkman, Cat_Astroph3, nutella, DogLettuce, Miriam and Akspa. Thanks to our Patrons –DespicabledogsBenJammin’Dharma WheeliesmilkboxParkmanPhone Losers of AmericaFancyPantsMST3ClayeAnonymousGordoChrispy 808Mister Turbeaux