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  • Unedited Shows Archive

    All unedited shows recorded in 2022 have been archived to: https://archive.org/details/immoralholearchive This will be the home of all Unedited shows for the foreseeable future. Edited shows will remain on this site and will be archived to Archive.org in the future.

  • Episode 22 – A hill0ck666 Adventure

    For some reason, Patreon keeps crashing my browser tabs with ‘out-of-memory’ errors when I try to type the 3 6’s in hill0ck’s name. Take from that what you will. This episode has a ton of Matt ‘Fuckin’ Hill0ck in it, both doing calls and background voices. We called a bunch of folks selling and giving…

  • Episode 8 – Bee Farts

    On World Bee Day, we spoke to several Beekeepers about our Bee problems and Bee needs, and learned a lot along the way. We called lots of places and people in this show, with calls by: LuLu, Snappybakes, MFDTB, Akspa, Miriam, Tedwwweb, and many more folks in the Dwightcord! Recorded 20-21 May 2022