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  • Episode 20 – A Family Affair

    In this wild episode, we talked with a lot of odd folks about purchasing items they were trying to sell. We look for better comedy material, but come up empty. Hotels put us on hold, so we reciprocated on multiple occasions, with varying results. Features calls by: TakeThePen, DTB, Cat_Astroph3, Akspa, Dwight The Janitor, Tedwwweb, […]

  • Episode 18 – The Situation Has Changed

    In this short episode, we try to farm for laughs and get quite a bit of good reactions. While the show was a full 3 hours, the wheels fell off a bit early, and we had a lot of ringing phones that have been removed from the final edit. What’s left after editing is the […]

  • Episode 17 – Please Hold

    In this wild show, we called a bunch of folks about stuff they were selling, put a bunch of people on hold and entertained them with our traveling circus, and confused the world. Features calls by TakeThePen, Tedwwweb, Akspa, Dwight the Janitor, LuLu, Ruin, DTB, and many more folks from the community. The show ends […]

  • Episode 15 – Chaos On The Line

    In this episode we welcome Matt Fuckin’ Hill0ck, as well as DrUnkPhd, Dwight the Janitor, DTB, LuLu, Tedwwweb, Turbo and many others from Dwightcord to the show.

  • Episode 14 – Waffle Stompin’

    This includes calls recorded on 1 July and 8-9 July 2022. Features calls by: DTB, Akspa, Dwight the Janitor, Lulu, Tedwwweb, and many others in the Dwightcord community. We call up various places – fireworks stores, hotels, restaurants, and try to buy a bird cage.

  • Episode 13 – The Creamy Peelow Thief

    In this episode, we embrace Creamy Tea Day, and try to get Tea with various forms of cream, to no avail. We call and try to make reservations, orders, and various other bizarre things. DTB Becomes a Peelow Thief and causes havoc stealing everyone’s peelows. Includes calls by: DTB, Dwight the Janitor, Lulu, Milkman, Akspa, […]

  • Episode 12 – Cultured Chaos

    A fun night of calls from everyone in Dwightcord! Includes calls by: Akspa, TakeThePen, Jiad, DTB, Snappybakes, Dwight The Janitor, Milkman, Tedwwweb, and many others!

  • Episode 10 – Doughs Nuts

    In this episode, we called lots of Donut Shops on National Donut Day, in search of free Donuts, finding all the wrong things along the way. This show could not have been possible without: MFDTB, Milkman, Snappybakes, Dwight the Janitor, Lulu, MST3Claye and everyone over in Dwightcord! Recorded 3-4 June 2022

  • Episode 9 – Community Package Deal

    Patrons:Dr. Frank Katz III, Esq. Attorney at Law.Phone Losers of AmericagobyJet the HorseFancyPantsMST3ClayeGordoChrispy808Mister Turbeaux In this episode, we call all sorts of folks, from people selling stuff or wanting stuff, to hotels across the USA.Features calls by: Snappybakes, MFDTB, LuLu, Akspa, Dwight the Janitor, Milkman, Tedwwweb, Miriam, mvvtt, Jazzcon & thermalhermit, and the rest of […]

  • Episode 8 – Bee Farts

    On World Bee Day, we spoke to several Beekeepers about our Bee problems and Bee needs, and learned a lot along the way. We called lots of places and people in this show, with calls by: LuLu, Snappybakes, MFDTB, Akspa, Miriam, Tedwwweb, and many more folks in the Dwightcord! Recorded 20-21 May 2022