Tag: drunkphd

  • Episode 51 – 1yr Anniversary Show

    Full Unedited Show: https://www.patreon.com/posts/episode-51-1-80989822 In this 1 year anniversary show, we call random residential people selling stuff, then move on to calling hotels and restaurants in the continental united states and eventually moving to Guam. We try to get in contact with our famous family members staying at hotels but strike out on all attempts […]

  • Episode 28 – Classic Coffee Grounds

    In this weird episode, we called and tried to make some purchases of random items, got into shouting matches and otherwise confused people, and made sure that a few people were having a good night.  Includes calls by: Akspa, Dwight the Janitor, DTB, DrUnkPhD, Snappybakes, and many others in the Dwightcord Discord Server.

  • Episode 19 – Blame The Network

    In this extended episode, we start out with some nice music I wrote a few days after the show as an intro, then we move on to some of the most high-energy calls ever. We called up folks selling stuff, but ended up leaving more hysterical/bizarre voicemails than talking with folks. Moving on, later that […]

  • Episode 15 – Chaos On The Line

    In this episode we welcome Matt Fuckin’ Hill0ck, as well as DrUnkPhd, Dwight the Janitor, DTB, LuLu, Tedwwweb, Turbo and many others from Dwightcord to the show.