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  • Episode 70 – Guide and protect and keep Mister Anus safe wherever he is. Amen.

    This episode is chock full of abuse on the elderly, lack of empathy, real empathy and other outrageous observations and commentaries on the treatment of people young and old, across the world.Includes calls to the UK, Canada, and USA.Features calls by: Luxapol, DTB, Turbo, Milkman, Cat_Astroph3, MadHatt3r, Dwight the Janitor, Miriam & Akspa. Individual Calls:…

  • Episode 55 – French Robots Drowning In Soup

    Individual Calls: https://www.patreon.com/file?h=81004531&i=13978033 In this episode, we wind up calling various businesses and hotels in Hawaii and Quebec, to hilarious results. Features calls by: DTB, Tedwwweb, Milkman, Cat_Astroph3, nutella, DogLettuce, Miriam and Akspa. Thanks to our Patrons –DespicabledogsBenJammin’Dharma WheeliesmilkboxParkmanPhone Losers of AmericaFancyPantsMST3ClayeAnonymousGordoChrispy 808Mister Turbeaux