Tag: bots

  • Angry Man Bot

    A few years ago, someone called in to one of our phonelines and had a conversation with a recording, which spawned this new set of recordings, to use with Asterisk-based PBX software. This ‘bot’ is known as the ‘Angry Man Bot’ because he continuously asks “which number did you think was a scam”, and then…

  • Episode 26 – The Braille Phone

    This was a strange episode with lots of wacky unique calls, and an ending where our bots got harassed for days. Features calls by: TakeThePen, Dwight the Janitor, Tedwwweb, Akspa, Ruin, Darth Painus, Cat_Astroph3, Madhatter, and many others!

  • Episode 18 – The Situation Has Changed

    In this short episode, we try to farm for laughs and get quite a bit of good reactions. While the show was a full 3 hours, the wheels fell off a bit early, and we had a lot of ringing phones that have been removed from the final edit. What’s left after editing is the…