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  • Episode 71 – Using ammonia to clean up Marco Polo’s mess in the truck stop shower

    This episode is chock full of over 50 new calls, of mid to epic quality. We edited out the worst of the lot, and kept only the cream of the crop. Includes calls to the UK and USA. Individual Calls: https://www.patreon.com/file?h=87402657&i=15565509 Special thanks to our Patrons!Electro-PirateDharma WheeliesTerrbow the high-level squirrelBigBoyFarts666JESUS pENUSDespicabledogsBenJammin’itsLeonMuthaFuckaParkmanPhone Losers of AmericaFancyPantsMST3ClayeAnonymousGordoChrispy 808

  • Episode 40 – Get Out Of There, It Tickles

    In this energetic episode, we get into fights with random people about items they’re selling, try to get help finding rooms, talk to a dog on the phone, and otherwise cause confusion across the board. There’s some strange stuff in this episode – make sure to listen to the entire show! Special thanks to Patrons:…