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  • Episode 108 – Carlito Memorial Show [Just the calls]

    From our 03-04 May 2024 show, we paid tribute to Carlito who passed away 4 years ago and did a handful of calls over a four-hour period of time, interspersed with stories about Carlito (not included in this edited show). The whole unedited show was released earlier in the week. Features calls by: strangeLIFE, DTB,…

  • Episode 56 – Carlito Memorial Show [Just the calls]

    In this episode, we honor Carlito on the 3rd anniversary of his passing, with our favorite calls as well as new calls in honor of him. Features calls by: Milkman, DTB, Dwight the Janitor, MustardMachine, Cat_Astroph3, Miriam & Akspa. Special thanks to our Patrons – DespicabledogsBenJammin’Dharma WheeliesmilkboxParkmanPhone Losers of AmericaFancyPantsMST3ClayeAnonymousGordoChrispy 808Mister Turbeaux Individual Calls: https://www.patreon.com/file?h=82762974&i=14071608

  • Episode 56 – Carlito Memorial Show

    In this unedited full-length show, we listen to clips of Carlito, reminisce, and do calls. It’s a great, long show, memorializing Carlito. Features calls by: Dwight the Janitor, DTB, Milkman, Cat_Astroph3, Akspa, Tedwwweb, Turbo, Gordo, MustardMachine, Hibachi, and many others. Thank you, Carlito.

  • Episode 6.5 – Bonus Show

    On the 2nd anniversary of Carlito’s passing, after doing an early Dwight show, we reconvened on the Dwightcord and called a bunch of random places to try and rile people up and put a smile on their faces. Features calls by: akspa, mfdtb, Lulu, and many others in the Dwightcord.