Episode 95 – Immoral Tacos

Community Calls
Community Calls
Episode 95 – Immoral Tacos

From our 02-03 February 2024 show, we try to find the party smell, send our grandfather in, try to get a plunger for a wet problem, try to get the keywords, try to find the source of the smellz, hear the story of Potbelly Pete, do impromptu prostate exams in the truck stop showers, find a man and then the man, listen to a lot of nonsense, hand off the calls and watch a squirrel. A language barrier stops all that earlier nonsense and then we seek and make a large variety of tacos and offer them up to everyone, eat ice cream, get obsessed about dark dark things, get told we don’t have to call back, enjoy some Canadian comfort, encounter people that do not eat, get a few appropriate responses and some inappropriate responses, and a whole lot of “I can’t help you”‘s. Then some jerk leaves us on speakerphone, so we take advantage of the moment…

Features calls by: WastedMemory, DTB, Milkman, Turbo, Downy the Clown and Akspa

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