Episode 94 – Unreal situations in reality

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Episode 94 – Unreal situations in reality

From our 26-27 January 2024 show, Dwight drops things in the truck stop shower and makes a mess, a man gets excited about someone dressed as a clown, Dwight gets some good advice but loses his warm truck hole, so he climbs up on top and calls about a missing ladder, then gets the run around by a stupid person, and emails some cockroaches that never get delivered. Akspa wonders if he can see the food at the seafood restaurant and gets someone to promise him, Dwight looks for intelligent life, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and asks if the advice about his computer was good advice or not. The syrup man causes problems with the gas nozzles, Dr. McClanahan is working the showers again, three rolls of toilet paper is too much, is this even real or not? Some man or lady hears a cow, Dwight is happy about the chocolates, Akspa wants to clear the room of dust, we get a report written up about our bathroom travesties, we can’t order anything but regular beds while calling the wrong hotel, then we put on a dinner show. The food is good, Cat shows up late, as always. N00N00 is a mute. Dwight makes toilet jello, asleep in his bed. We ask about policies, it smells heavily of cumin in the room, Dwight gets on top, Kitkat Katie joins us for a minute, Dwight’s peptalk fails, so he becomes a seitanist for three calls, while playing with a spirit board and getting posessed in various ways. DTB and Dwight end the show with Cumbies concern.

Features calls by: Cat_Astroph3, Gordo, DTB, Milkman, Dwight the Janitor & Sebastian, Miriam, Downy the Clown and Akspa

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