Episode 83 – Getting lost with a microwave warp hole in the elevator shaft

Community Calls
Community Calls
Episode 83 – Getting lost with a microwave warp hole in the elevator shaft

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In this fun episode, we have peculiar conversations with folks about drones spying on people, getting lost on top of elevators, microwaving urine and body parts to disrupt time and create warp holes, slip and fall outside, try to get help with our lumps, exchange pleasantries with many folks, try to get confirmation for horny, yell about coffee, take advantage of facebook marketplace’s free copper, get to the bottom of the bag of moldy tangerines, and have otherwise weird conversations that lead everywhere but home.

Features calls by: DTB, Luxapol, Dwight the Janitor, Tedwwweb, WastedMemory, Gordo, Milkman, Downy the Clown, Dixie Cream & Akspa.

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We wish to give thanks to the following people for helping make the show go:
Dwight the Janitor
WastedMemory for RogueServer.com (Mumble)
Dragonmere for The CornDown (Corndown.com, freespeechmotherfucker.com)

We also wish to thank our our Patrons:

Chrispy 808
Dharma Wheelies
Mister Turbeaux
Phone Losers of America
Terrbow the high-level squirrel

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