Episode 30 – Toilet Baby Satan Needs TP

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Episode 30 – Toilet Baby Satan Needs TP

In honor of the Halloween season, Dwight donned the ‘Satan’ voice transformer, and caused a bunch of people to be frightened and confused.

Then he ran the sound effects through the filter and caused Toilet Baby to become Satan Baby and all hell broke loose.

Tedwwweb shines in this episode with hilarious situations and bizarre reactions.

DTB confused the hell out of us with paragraphs of text that made no sense, read out to angry people on the phone. It was great, you had to be there. Don’t worry, the best are saved in this episode!

Who else came by? We had 51 listeners on Prankcast! 200 Followers of the show – Thanks to everyone following us over on Prankcast.com/akspa. Miriam and Downey the Clown showed up for a brief moment, if I recall correctly. It was a fun night with tons of laughs all around.

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